Delivering efficiency.

At Rani Transport, we pride ourselves in outstanding service to all our customers. Our company provide various types of truck / lorry transportation all throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Our customers range from MNC, logistics companies, SME and others. Our customers can count on us for reliability, dependabilities, efficiency and on time delivery. We are the solution to all your transportation needs.

Why Choose Us?

Large Network

With a network of over 80 trucks nationwide, we are capable of transporting goods to various parts of the country, with an almost unbeatable cost and efficiency.

Attractive Pricing

Our pricing is one of the most competitive in the market, thanks to our years of service and experience in the field. We offer cost-effective trucking solutions throughout Malaysia at all times.


Our trucks are equipped with GPS, and our support team work around the clock to ensure that the goods reach their destination safely. With a good relationship with the authorities, we have managed to ensure that safety is our priority.

Prompt Support

Once engaged, Rani Transport is at your service. We ensure our customers are well-informed on the status of their goods transportation and we clearly answer to all your queries within a short span of time.